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Cleaning cells

Product information

Cleaning cells are used for the continuous or discontinuous cleaning of e.g. product surfaces or packaging. This is possible during the transition from storage to production, in production itself or in the clean room. It is also possible to clean particulate contamination within a transfer area. We work in an universal and customer-specific way together with the respective project team. Our products are also used in stationary and mobile applications. Two examples of cleaning cells that we have realized for our customers are a charge carrier cleaning and a module cleaning in the cell or during assembly.
This cleaning cell is used to clean the outer surface of contaminated containers before they are brought into cleanliness areas, including clean rooms. This reduces the risk of the sensitive production environment or the products themselves being contaminated. The pallet cleaning shown is an example of a charge carrier cleaning.

Assembly cleaning

When cleaning assemblies, the cleaning of surfaces of components and assemblies that are relevant for cleanliness takes place directly in the manufacturing. The cells are customized according to the products and cleaning requirements and, are developed and implemented as an all-in-one solution. This happens either directly during component assembly or within a cell as a downstream process.