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PCIS – a proprietary brand
of k-tech

Our own brand PCIS designs, develops, sells, and distributes systems, modules and devices for the particulate surface cleaning of products and product-related areas. Functional surfaces of technical components are also part of the scope of application. PCIS supports you from the coordination of requirements through to integration and beyond, with the objective of being able to achieve the required product cleanliness effectively, economically and reproducibly.

Our products

Cutting edge cleaning

Web edge cleaning is used to clean flat products such as films and sheets after a cutting process.

Clove cleaner

The glove cleaning system ensures efficient cleaning of the palms and the hands exterior surfaces.

Interface cleaner

We design cleaning solutions or cells customized to the product and interfaces that can be integrated into production lines.

Cleaning cells

Cleaning cells are used for the continuous or discontinuous cleaning of e.g. product surfaces or packaging.

customized systems with integrated cleaning processes

PICS core competence: Design of customer-specific systems with integrated cleaning processes.

Our technologies

Technical cleanliness
& cleaning procedures

Technical cleanliness according to ISO 16232 and VDA 19 and an optimized manufacturing process in a targeted way.

Clean room technology

Our customers in the area of electronics, e-mobility, battery technology and optics have the highest requirements …

& robotics

We develop customer-specific cells, as well as automation and robotics solutions for clean rooms and cleanliness-oriented production areas.

Our services

Technical consulting
& training

Concept development
& process analysis

Feasibility studies


Turnkey systems  /
Turnkey machines

Service, maintenance
& repair