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Our service portfolio not only includes the creation of customer-specific solutions, but also everything about technical cleanliness in industrial production. The full spectrum is covered for you and you can rely on us as a competent partner.

Technological consulting and training

Product cleanliness requirements are as varied as the products themselves. Therefore, it is essential to design the cleaning solution to suit the cleanliness requirements and the product. In order to be able to support you as early as possible in the development process, we would like to recommend the training and consulting offers of our partner IngWorx. For those and further information, refer to the website of IngWorx.

Concept development & process analysis

When your product idea has been fully developed, we will be glad to support you with the process analysis. Our experts analyse the processes with you and at your site, develop suggestions and turn these into concepts in close cooperation with you. In addition to conceptual design, we also support you in design, testing and integration.

Feasibility studies

In order to protect your processes and, to recognize the risks in good time, we support you in the assurance of your core process. During the feasibility study, optimization and risks of the process are assessed, discussed with you and, if necessary, further investigations are carried out. This step will create the basis for a successful project.

Customized solutions

As the name suggests, special machine construction is a customized special product. Each machine is specially designed for you and your needs. Our employees can draw on many years of experience as a complete system supplier in the various business areas. This know-how paired with proven processes, technologies and synergies is our guarantee to develop an innovative and custom special solution. Our task does not end with the manufacture and delivery of the system. We also support the new machine operator with the integration of the special machine in production, including the interfaces to additional merchandise management systems, etc. The safety checks and documentation are of course part of the system.

Turnkey systems and machines

Our competence does not end with a special solution. The construction of a complete system is also part of our daily business. As a general contractor, our portfolio includes the development, manufacture and commissioning of customized systems for various areas and applications.
Our portfolio:

  • Special equipment
  • Automatic cleaning systems
  • Cleaning cells
  • Cleaning handling
  • Measuring cells with cleaning procedures
  • Test cells with cleaning procedures
  • Assembly cells with cleaning procedures
  • 3D cleaning procedures
  • Assembly-integrated cleaning
  • PCB cleaning

Service, maintenance and repair

In order to ensure a long service life of your machines and systems, we recommend carrying out service, inspections and maintenance work. We have our own flexible service team that carefully and professionally performs the maintenance work on our customers’ sites. Our service team can also service third-party systems and support you in the procurement of spare parts. We would be glad to conclude an appropriate maintenance contract with you.