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About us

PCIS is a proprietary brand of k-tech Konstruktion Automation Produktion GmbH 

We offer customized cleaning solutions in close cooperation with our partners. Our product range extends from our own products such as glove cleaners and web edge cleaners to cleaning solutions specially designed for the process requirements. We are familiar in cleaning from 100 µm to 5,000 µm. Our previous solutions have significantly improved the cleanliness of components and production sections. Our previous customers have already ordered further cleaning solutions from us. However, we not only want to support customers in improving their technical cleanliness, we are also happy to support companies or institutions in the field of research and development when it comes to the production of prototypes.

PCIS Particle Cleaning Industrial Solution

k-tech is a special machine construction company with over 30 years of experience and over 700 successfully completed national and international projects. For several years, we have had several own brands in our portfolio. It is important for us to have excellent professional expertise for our customers. Therefore, we have decided to establish PCIS as a proprietary brand in addition to our other brands such as FORMBASE, GlasClar and EuroCUP. We had already integrated some cleaning solutions into customer processes beforehand. Now we would like to specialize further and work closely with our partners to generate the best solution for our customers.