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Business areas

The business areas in which we have already implemented systems and cleaning solutions for technical cleanliness in the production process can be found here. More are possible on request.

Optical systems

Technically pure products are becoming more and more important in the field of optics. Even the smallest surface contamination is a problem in optical systems, possibly leading to incorrect detections. With our systems, we ensure the cleanliness of optical assemblies/systems during, before and after assembly.

Battery manufacturing & cell manufacturing

Due to very high voltage and energy densities, modern battery systems, especially in the field of e-mobility, have very high requirements in terms of particulate contamination. In the area of pack, module, cell, our systems ensure that the required purity is met. This means that the function of battery systems can be guaranteed during production and over their lifetime.

Fuel cell

Highly complex electrochemical processes take place in fuel cells. These require the highest possible purity with regard to residues from manufacture and assembly. Especially, the bipolar plates and membranes used in fuel cells present particular challenges. To guarantee the cleanliness requirements, we also use various cleaning mechanisms during, before and after assembly.

Electronics & sensors

The miniaturization in the field of sensors and electronics leads to smaller and smaller pitch distances. Even the smallest particulate contamination can cause short circuits in these systems. Furthermore, the development of high-voltage systems harbours increased risks with regard to clearance and creepage distances. To prevent such damage mechanisms during the lifetime of electronic components, we develop and sell cleaning solutions that are individually tailored to the product.


In photovoltaics, the high cleanliness requirements of optics and electronics come together. In order to ensure long-term and trouble-free operation, the smallest particles in particular must be removed during the manufacturing process. In this context, our systems ensure that no contamination gets into the wafer production, assembly, and photovoltaic cells.

Food, pharmaceuticals & medical

The normative requirements for food, pharmaceutical and medical technology regarding surface contamination are diverse. These contaminants can be found in granules, liquids, or on implants and instruments and can cause damage or injury to the human body. Our systems focus on removing particulate contamination from charge carriers, packaging, filling equipment or even the surfaces of instruments and implants.


Contamination such as particles or fibres in display, lighting, and decoration systems, etc. do not lead to functional defects, but to cosmetic impairments (so-called blind spots) that are annoying to customers and end users. With suitable cleaning equipment, this contamination can be reduced and preferably eliminated before or during the manufacturing process.